In a Nutshell

  • Nanoparticles enhance drug solubility by increasing surface area of solid.
  • 10x Smaller Particles Dissolve 100x Faster.


  • Same amount of rock salt, table salt & sea salt.
  • After 3 min in same amount of water, see what’s left…

If water soluble salt has this much difference..

Imagine what poorly soluble drug will do in body.

Himalayan rock salt, sea salt, and table salt demonstrate different solubilities of the same molecule in an equivalent amount of water after 1 minute.

How NPS Differs from other Nanodrugs?

  • NPS Platform Technology is Vapor Phase Nano Technology.
    • Universal application to any drugs with just mannitol as carrier.
    • No excipient toxicity, organic solvents, or other chemicals.
  • NPS Makes Nanoparticles with no “OTHER” Chemicals.
  • NPS Nanodrugs can be used as Injectable, Pills, Creams, Drops, or Inhalers.
  • NPS’ phase-transition technology is different from other chemical nano technologies like spray dried dispersion, hot melt extrusion, nano emulsions or liposomal carriers.
  • NPS’ pharmaceutical technology platform does not use exogenous chemicals or solvents thereby precluding excipient toxicity associated with the use of such processing solvents/chemicals.
  • Universal application to all APIs that can be further processed into any existing dosage form.
  • Rapid development of nano formulation using minimal amount of API.

NPS Business Strategy & Customers

Generic Drug Co.

  • 20 Drugs going generic in 2021-2022
  • Develop Nanoformulations for Generic
  • File for IP for Generic Co.
  • Milestone Payments & Loyalties

Emerging Pharma Co.

  • Preclinical/Tox stage
  • NPS Nano Tox formulations
  • Formulation fee-for-service
  • GMP Clinical samples through strategic partners
  • Milestone payment

Intellectual Property Strategy

NPS has a strong IP portfolio. The platform technology patent is pending approval from US Patent Office. We continue to develop nano formulations of drugs whose patent exclusivity is expiring in 2021 and 2022 which allows NPS to generate data for IP filing. Early stage drug development companies who partner with Nano PharmaSolutions will find us to be a strong ally in their IP strategy.