• Nanoparticles enhance drug solubility by increasing surface area.

  • 10x Smaller Particles Dissolve 100x Faster.


  • Same amount of rock salt, table salt & sea salt.

  • After 3 min in same amount of water, see what’s left…

If water soluble salt has this much difference..

Imagine what poorly soluble drug will do in body.

Himalayan rock salt, sea salt, and table salt demonstrate different solubilities of the same molecule in an equivalent amount of water after 1 minute.

How NPS Differs from other Nanodrugs?

  • NPS Platform is Based on Physical Vapor Deposition Technology.
  • NPS Makes Drug Nanoparticles with no Excipients or Solvents.
  • NPS Nanodrugs can be used as Pills, Nasal Sprays, Creams, Inhalers, Eye Drops, or Injectable.
  • Universal application to all APIs that can be further processed into any existing dosage form.
  • Rapid development of nano formulation using minimal amount of API.