Inside NPS


  • Solid drug evaporated at low temperature under high vacuum

  • Vapor phase drug deposited as nanoparticles on fast moving carrier solids
  • Carrier solids selected from hydrophilic pharmaceutical excipients
  • NanoTransformer™ can create E-8 Torr vacuum

How do NPS’s nanodrug particles differ from other nanodrugs?

  • NPS Platform is based on physical vapor deposition (PVD) Technology
  • NPS Makes drug nanoparticles with no excipients or solvents
  • NPS nanodrug particles can be used in pills, nasal sprays, creams/salves, inhalers, eye drops, or injectable
  • Universal application to all APIs that can be further processed into any existing dosage form
  • Rapid development of nanoformulation using minimal amount of API

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