How do NPS’s nanodrug particles differ from other nanodrugs?

  • NPS Platform is based on physical vapor deposition (PVD) Technology
  • NPS Makes drug nanoparticles with no excipients or solvents
  • NPS nanodrug particles can be used in pills, nasal sprays, creams/salves, inhalers, eye drops, or injectable
  • Universal application to all APIs that can be further processed into any existing dosage form
  • Rapid development of nanoformulation using minimal amount of API


7/7/70 – Feasibility Study – Generate Nanoparticles of your API

  • Rapid development time of 7 weeks unlike nano-emulsion, nano-crystals, or lipid-nanoparticles
  • Small development sample requirement of 7 grams unlike other enabling technologies
  • Low development cost¬†unlike other processes
  • No chemicals, harsh solvents, or thermal degradation present in API nanoparticles.
  • PVD on generic hydrophilic carrier for feasibility
  • Analytical: Purity assay (Agilent 1100 Series HPLC) and particle size distribution (SHIMADZU SALD-2300)