Enhancing the bioavailability of insoluble drugs using innovative nanoformulation

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Many small molecule APIs in development (>70%) and generic drug products (>40%) in the marketplace today exhibit poor water solubility characteristics and are not effectively absorbed in the body. Nano PharmaSolutions, Inc. has developed a revolutionary drug delivery platform which can create easily processable pharmaceutical intermediates that can be converted into the full spectrum of existing dosage forms. This first-in-kind, phase-transition, technology platform generates vapor-phase APIs, under very high vacuum (10^6 torr) and moderate temperature conditions, that are then uniformly deposited upon the surface of a carrier.

The uniform deposition of the API upon the surface of the carrier molecule is achieved by the rapid solidification of the vaporized API upon contact with the carrier molecule. The rapid deposition of vaporized API precludes the formation of aggregates of API thus producing single-molecule, nano particles of deposited drug on a water-soluble carrier (e.g.mannitol).

Our drug delivery platform can be applied to any poorly soluble API in development or as a life-cycle management strategy for existing drug products. As small a quantity as a few grams of raw API can be processed using our Phase Transformer equipment system, thus perfectly positioning this innovative technology platform for the preparation of first-in-man formulations at a very early stage of the pharmaceutical development cycle when the API supply is limited. Nano Pharma Solution’s proprietary nano formulation platform is well-suited for administration of pulmonary medications (i.e. delivery deep into the lungs).

There are two main types of inhalers: pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) and dry powder inhalers (DPIs). The biggest challenge associated with pMDIs is wide-spread misuse of the inhaler device, resulting in inaccurate dosing. DPIs are more user-friendly but frequently the formulation involves spray coating of API onto the surface of a carrier molecule using organic solvents.

Nano PharmaSolutions technology platform does not involve the use of any chemicals or solvent, thereby easily and safely addressing the limitations of currently formulated, spray-coated pulmonary drug products. With COVID-19 related diseases and COPD as well as asthma patients living in the pandemic time, Nano PharmaSolutions is here to develop formulations that allow for more predictable and safer administration of pulmonary drugs via DPI.


Nano PharmaSolutions provides its partners rapid, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for their difficult formulation development projects.

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